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What are Knowledge Transfer Accounts (KTA)?

Knowledge Transfer Accounts are UK government-funded partnerships that are based around university science and innovation projects.

Critically, the government funding enables universities to develop a two-way relationship with private, public and third sector organisations so that ideas can be transferred, research results can be shared, and skilled people can share their expertise.

The objective is to create innovative new ideas, share ideas between academic researchers and UK industry, increase the number of skilled scientists in the UK, and ultimately bring new and inventive products to the marketplace that will help the UK economy thrive.


How are the funds spent?

The EPSRC has allowed universities very flexible guidelines on how to use the funds. Universities develop their own strategies on how the KTA funding is used for the purposes of commercialisation and maximise impact.

How is Arkiris involved?

Arkiris (the Exeter KTA) is one of the 12 KTAs in the UK, all of which are funded through the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and started on 1 October 2009.  Our KTA fund expenditure will include the support of proof-of-concept funding, entrepreneurship training, networking, people exchange, business-relationship-building, and start-up generation.  We will also be looking to make use of our KTA resources to leverage further funding from the regional development agency, devolved administrations and other funders.